Welcome to the MOTI team, Laura!

We have big news at MOTI: business and strategy extraordinaire, Laura Day, has come on board as a co-founder. We couldn't be more excited (and hopefully neither can she)!

Here is MOTI's original founder, Kayla Matheus, interviewing Laura on why she joined the team:

Q: Tell me a little bit about why you love social robotics so much.

A: Over the years, I've developed a deep passion for understanding how we can improve the interaction between humans and machines.  From my time building robots with the military to developing gesture recognition patterns with Intel, I am continually fascinated by how we (humans) are able to communicate and collaborate so quickly with each other using emotions and social context, yet when it comes to technology, we build things (historically) that require us to operate at a purely functional level.  It doesn't have to be this way.  I believe we can make our lives easier and more meaningful by designing technology that communicates and interacts with us the same way we interact with each other. 

Q: How do you think about your journey to MOTI?

A: My journey to MOTI is best told as a case of pursuing my passions in life coupled with structured and opportunistic learning along the way.  As one of two female electrical engineers in my undergrad class, I always knew I wanted to encourage more women to enter STEM careers, as well as give back to the next generation as a mentor - I sure could have used one myself!  The fact that we met at a Women in Hardware in Robotics meet-up really couldn't have been any more perfect.  Joining MOTI as a co-founder is really the opportunity to put to use all of the knowledge and experiences I've picked up in my 10+ years in the technology industry.

Q: What originally drew you to MOTI?

A: How cute it was!  (As Kayla says, "Of course, it was designed to be cute based on the science of how our brains work!")

Q: What are you most looking forward to as a MOTI co-founder?

A: I can't wait to talk more with our Beta and Pilot users!  Our customers and how they are using MOTI is our top priority.  The stories of life-changing habit formation are what keeps us going every day here; to know that we are making a difference in people's lives.  

Q: One final question: who is your favorite fictional robot?

A: Wall-E, 100%.  He's creative, caring and shows humanity how to truly live life.