Danny was trying to get into the habit of running regularly to prepare for an upcoming race.

Read how MOTI helped him achieve his goal - and then some!


Q: Introduce yourself and tell us about your first habit with MOTI?

A: My name’s Danny and I was first using MOTI to exercise more. I was training for a race so I wanted to run at least three days a week to prepare for that. So every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I built that habit of running in the morning.

Q: How does MOTI compare to other habit tools you’ve used in the past?

A: The only other habit forming tool I’ve used was an online workout training app you could follow along with. It was really intense and overwhelming and eventually I just couldn’t keep up and burned out.

But MOTI is almost like a pet or a little companion. I like to think of it like the fairy from Zelda. It's always there to remind you what you want to do and keep you on the right path. You set your goal and it helps you stay on it without being overwhelmed.

Q: What is your favorite part of MOTI?

A: The different light patterns you get as rewards. It’s really developed a personality of its own!

Q: How would you describe your relationship with MOTI?

A: It’s kind of a friendship in the sense that you don’t want to let him down. He’s always pushing you a little bit further. You develop dependence on it but also empathy towards it as a friendly coach. 

Q: Would you recommend MOTI to others?

A: Definitely, anyone who wants to teach their body something better. Whether it's stopping smoking cigarettes, or flossing, or drinking more water. Plus, all my coworkers think it's cute!

Q: How are you using MOTI now?

A: So after I got used to exercising regularly, I changed my habit to replacing soda with water. I moved MOTI to my desk at work. It was great to have at home for exercising but setting it up in different environments is really helpful. It's beneficial in the workplace because you're there so much. Say, if you want to leave every day by five. It isn't just about one habit, MOTI get’s you in the habit of building habits.

From running to eliminating soda, MOTI has made building new habits easy for Danny...as easy as pushing a button even.