Gary is a professional writer who knew he needed to get into the habit of writing daily.

We sat down with him to hear how MOTI helped him achieve his goal.


Q: Tell us about yourself

A: My name is Gary Jaffe, I’m a writer, and I’ve been using MOTI for over 40 days now. 

Q: What is your habit and why did you chose it?

A: My habit is daily writing, and I chose it because I’m trying to become a professional writer. The thing you always hear is you have to write every day. It doesn’t matter what you write, but you need to put something down. I thought MOTI would be a really good way to hold me accountable.

Q: How has MOTI impacted your progress with this habit?

A: Since starting MOTI, I have only missed one day of writing. What that means is, not only am I half way through a full length play, I’ve also journaled extensively; so I have so much more material to work with.  Pre-MOTI, I didn’t have this button to push, so if I had 10-20 minutes I’d just be reading the internet. I wouldn’t have written.

Q: How does MOTI compare to other habit told you might have used?

A: The great thing about MOTI is he’s a physical presence, right there in my room, all the time. Other habit tools are on a website or on a computer and you have to access them or remember to open them.

Q: Describe your relationship with your MOTI changed over time.

A:  I mean, it is a tool, ultimately, for work to be done. It’s changed from ‘oh cool it’s cool to press the MOTI,’ and now it’s more ‘oh cool, I am developing myself as a writer.’ Excitement is not the most sustainable emotion, but dedication is.

Q: Why do you think MOTI is helpful?

A: The push and the log of the push. Holding yourself responsible to the push is what’s most effective about it.

Q: Describe how MOTI plays into your daily life?

One thing that’s been useful is seeing him on my desk when I wake up. It’s just a reminder: ‘gotta write today.’ It’s also paying dividends in other respects in that simultaneously I am trying to exercise more. So it’s this reminder that while I am thinking about habits, there’s this other one I’m trying to do.

Q: How have MOTI’s interactions changed over time?

I feel like they’ve gotten more festive. It is funny just how little a thing can be to be a motivator. Now I feel like, ‘Hey, you did it but let’s not get complacent. 20 minutes a day is not enough.’ I try to remember that there is a bigger, more time consuming habit that I’m trying to build.

Q: What’s your favorite part about MOTI?

A:  I like telling people about him. I’m always telling people, ‘look at this cool little friend of mine.’ The kinetic pressing of the button is very satisfying, and seeing the little fiesta that happens. I like the feeling that I’m getting something every day-- every day something closer to the Pulitzer Prize.

The result? A full journal after 40 days of habit-building with MOTI.