From China, With Love.

We just returned from a two-week-long trip to Shenzhen in China's Guangdong Province, a haven of hardware and electronics, visual stimulation, and new cuisine. Along with our Highway1 cohort, we visited a number of manufacturers and suppliers, as well as exploring the vast electronics market, testing out every sort of button, LED, and electronic component imaginable. As we prepare MOTI for scaling production, the trip was vital to our understanding of the hardware manufacturing ecosystem. Too often we see Kickstarter or other pre-order campaigns delivering late, or with poor quality due to a misunderstanding of the time and effort it takes to bring a product to full fruition. We now know just what it means to bring MOTI from prototype to product so that our users can focus on building better habits rather than fixing a functional failure. 

Back in San Francisco, inspired by all the colors and new learnings, we're ready to get back to work!