We're looking for a developer!

Want to use code to help people become happier and healthier?

Crave the fast-paced challenge of an early stage startup?

Eager to combine scientific insight with human-centered design?



My name is Kayla Matheus, and I’m current founder and lead hardware of MOTI, new IOT startup that helps people build better habits. We’re creating a personable smart object based in behavioral science, social robotics, and machine learning. We’ve just gone through top hardware accelerator, Highway1, and are now setting our sights on smart software development.  


A few quick points on what we’re looking for:

  • Self-starter looking to take on lead software architect responsibilities.

  • A few years experience in either full-stack Javascript or iOS/Swift (and ideally NoSQL databases). If you’re a data scientist, iOS/mobile developer, or a firmware engineering, let’s also chat.

  • Wants to be a part of our long-term vision and hold a significant stake in the company more than a padded salary.

  • Excited for occasional late nights and wearing multiple hats.


Why should you do this?

  • Get in early as a part of small but passionate team working to build both an entirely new product and company from the ground up. (Note: we are open to the possibility of co-foundership.)

  • Own a key component of MOTI’s value proposition: its software-driven smarts.

  • Be advised and guided by Chris Matheus, with 25+ experience in web development and AI, and Abe Gong, former data scientist at Jawbone.


MOTI is located in the hotbed of the startup world: San Francisco. Please contact me directly at kayla@moti.io to start a conversation.
More information about the product at moti.io, Highway1 demo day pitch, and Founder Friday.