MOTI Batch Program

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MOTI Batch Program


We are so happy that you are choosing to continue this journey with us. The Batch Program allows you to get a MOTI even faster, and for us to learn as much as possible before our next release.

We will be delivering pre-production MOTI units in batches, with the first batch shipping within a few months. The first batch will be capped - if we are sold out, you can hold your spot in line to get in on the next releases as they roll out!

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But don't worry - we hope to release the next batch very soon. For a refundable $5 you can save your spot in line:



  • Unfortunately we cannot accept orders for international deliveries at this time. Please use the waitlist form and specify you are an international customer.
  • This is a "pre-production" unit. It will be a high-fidelity prototype that is fully functional, but still a prototype.
  • It will ship with basic app functionality for setup and analysis (both iOS and Android).
  • The first batch will ship within a few months rather than in June 2017.
  • The first batch will only support one MOTI per user, and will not connect to Enterprise networks or networks with firewalls (found at many offices).